TitleAbout membership fees2021-07-26 01:41
Name Level 8

This is a guide for membership fees and payment method.

Membership fees: US $100.00 for two years

*Non-RN members can participate in the second congress in 2021 without membership temporarily.

  • Payment method for Korean members,

Please transfer the fees to the account number below.

1005 503 661217 Woori Bank


  • Payment method for other members,

Please pay the fees through the paypal account. The account ID is easapaypal@gmail.com.

You can pay these fees through the button which is on the upper right side of our homepage.

You can also pay by using the link below. 


*In order to send your fees, you have to have a paypal account.

If you don't have it, please sign up first. And register your bank account or credit card. 

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