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  • Theme: Social Transformation in Asia: Before and After COVID-19
  • Date: October 29-30, 2021
  • Venue: Pukyong National University, Busan, Korea & online meeting
  • Keynote Speakers: 

Jan Nederveen Pieterse (Suzanne and Duncan Mellichamp Distinguished Professor of Global Studies and Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara)

“Learning from Covid”

Zhang Yi (Director, National Institute of Social Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

“China’s demographic structure and its changing trends”

Jeffrey Broadbent (Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota)

“Networks, Discourse and Power in Climate Change Policymaking: a Japanese Case”

Sung-Nam Cho (Professor Emeritus, Ewha Womans University)

“Bringing Back Asia in Sociology: New Challenges With and Post COVID-19”

Laurence Roulleau-Berger (Research Director , National Center for Scientific Research, CNRS, UMR Triangle, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)

“New Global Order and Post-Western Sociology”


Title Due: February 28, 2021
Abstract Due: August 15, 2021
Manuscript Due: September 30, 2021

Organizing Committee

Seoung-Kuk Kim (Pusan National University, Sociology)
Hyun-Chin Lim (Seoul National University, Sociology)

Kwang Young Shin (Chung-Ang University, Sociology)
Sung-Nam Cho (Ewha Womans University, Sociology)
Sung-Chul Lee (Changwon National University, Sociology)
Wonho Jang (University of Seoul, Urban Sociology)
Il-Joon Chung (Korea University, Sociology)
Dong-Hoon Seol (Jeonbuk National University, Sociology)
Dukjin Chang (Seoul National University, Sociology)
Sangwoo Yoon (Dong-A University, Sociology)
Seung-An Jung (Tong Myong Unviersity, Liberal Studies)
Donggen Rui (Pukyong National University, International Area)

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