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09:30 ~ 09:35: Opening Ceremony Moderator: Chung, Il-Joon (Secretary General, EASA)

09:35 ~ 09:50: Opening Remarks Jang, Wonho (President, KSA)
Welcoming Remarks Lim, Hyun-Chin (President, EASA)
Congratulatory Remarks Cho, Dae-Yop (Chairperson, The Presidential Commissionon Policy Planning)

10:00-12:00: Session 1 Moderator: Chang, Dukjin (Seoul National Univ.)

1. Shin, Kyungah (Hallym Univ.) “Issues of Women’s Employment during the Covid-19 Crisis in Korea”
2. Li, Chunling (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) “Housing-Based Wealthization in China:From a Society with High Equality and Scarce Wealth to a Society with High Inequality and Wealthization”
3. Zhou, Yaping and Wang, Xiaoling (Lanzhou Univ.) “Research on multi-path dependence Mechanism of National Economic Governance under the Impact of Global Epidemic”

13:00-14:30: Session 2 Moderator: Zhang, Haidong (Shanghai Univ.)

1. Mizukami, Tetsuo (Rikkyo University) “Chinese in Japanese ‘lockdown’?: The impact of the COVID-19 state of emergency upon migrant community in Tokyo”
2. Hwang, Sun-Jae(Chungnam National Univ.) “Social Trust and the Pandemic: Lessons from the COVID-19 Case of South Korea”
3. Yao, Yelin, Jun’an, and Zhang, Haidong (Shanghai Univ. of Engineer Science/Shanghai Business School/Shanghai Univ.) “Media Use and Anti-Pandemic Confidence: An Empirical Study of Shanghai”

14:40-16:10: Session 3 Moderator: Chung, Il-Joon (Korea Univ.)

1. Lu, Peng (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) “Digital Techology and China’s “Anti-Epidemic Battle” for Covid-19”
2. Lee, Wonjae (KAIST) “Perception and Attitude of COVID-19: A Survey of 16 Countries”
3. Hiroi, Yoshinori (Kyoto Univ.) “Policy Proposal using AI and the Concept of a Decentralized Society”

16:30-18:00: Session 4 Moderator: Daishiro Nomiya (Chuo Univ.)

1. Zhang, Wenhong (Shanghai Univ.) “Social Governance in Public Health Emergencies: A Social Capital Perspective”
2. Yang, Yudong (Nanjing Univ.) “How are the Studies Abroad of Chinese Students Changed by Covid-19?”
3. Chung, Il-Joon (Korea Univ.) “Governing COVID-19 in South Korea: Balancing Security & Liberty”


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